Make-Up, Prosthetic & Hair Designer

Lynda Armstrong is a prolific Make-up / Hair and Prosthetics Designer whose career has climbed and expanded through many film genres.
Her style varies from fantasy, period, and action movies. Working closely with top directors, costume designers and artists.

She has created a variety of characters and designs including Little Shop of Horrors, The Secret of Moonacre, Batman, Troy, Michael Collins, 101 Dalmations (Bafta Nomination), Count of Monte Cristo, London has Fallen and Angel has Fallen, to name just a few.

Lynda has Created designs for many leading Actors including Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Gerard Butler, Isabella Rossellini, Steve Martin, Ron Perlman and Meg Ryan.

Lynda focuses her attention to style and detail – whether it be way out looks, period dramas or realistic wounds – to fit in with all other creative departments to help to achieve the images required by both script and director

Lynda Armstrong background image